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Wedding and first dance preparation for couples, families and guests.

Let’s make your first dance one you will remember forever

At The Social Dance Studio, you’ll get a truly private experience. We take great care to schedule lessons so each client gets the studio all to themselves and you feel free to dance like no one’s watching! The Social Dance Studio provides guidance song selection and dance instruction to wedding couples, families and guests.

Private Dance Lesson Pricing

Single Lesson: $95

5 Lesson Package: $425

Meet Your Instructor
Angela Fernandez

For over 15 years, I have been helping people feel more confident on the dance floor! With knowledge in a variety of styles including classical, ballroom and Latin dance, I truly aim to create a custom experience based on each individual’s needs. I also love being able to bring a wedding couple’s vision to life for their first dance. From the most classic and traditional to the most unique wedding dances, each experience is an exciting new opportunity to create something special with my clients. It is such an honor to be a part of someone’s dancing journey. Let’s get dancing!



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There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into a special day such as your wedding. The first dance is a moment that should not be overlooked. Dance lessons will help you feel confident and create an experience to remember forever! 

Many times couples have “a song”. This is a great place to start! Even if you think your song is not danceable, still let us know. Using a song with special significance is a great choice. 

Thinking about the mood or tempo as well. Do you enjoy slower songs or more upbeat songs? The vibe/theme of the wedding can also be a great point of inspiration. 

Sometimes starting with the style of dance can help narrow down the song choice. Would you like to Tango for your first dance? We are happy to offer suggestions to help narrow it down. 

We can dance to more than one song during the Intro Lesson as well. The best way to know if you like dancing to a song, is to actually get dancing!

The best way to know how many lessons you will need, is to schedule your Intro Lesson. This way we can learn more about you and your dancing goals. As a general rule, the more lessons, the more comfortable and confident you both will feel on the big day!

Scheduling your Intro Dance Lesson three to six months before your wedding date will allow time to create a customized lesson schedule that works best for you. 

Is it the week of the wedding and you have not had a dance lesson? Don’t fear, we can help! Email to get started right away. 

Wearing your wedding shoes, or similar shoes will be best. This is also a great way to break in your shoes before the big day. Worried about scuffs?! No problem. We can cover the shoes to help protect them while dancing. 

First Dance

The first dance is a special moment in your wedding, that you will remember forever! From traditional to unique, simple to fully choreographed- The Social Dance Studio can help make your dancing vision come true. 


Parent Dance

Traditionally, the parent dances have been Mother/ Son and Father/ Daughter. However, this dance can be done with any special person in the couple’s life: grand-parent, sibling, guardian, step-parent etc.  Taking dance lessons for this dance, will give you extra time to connect, as well as insure a different look/feel to the first dance.

New Trend Alert: Do both dances simultaneously to one song. This can be beneficial if  your special family member is not excited to be the center of attention or the schedule of events is jammed packed. 

Dance with both your parents. We can help coordinate dancing with both parents to make for a seamless transition. 

Bridal Party

Want to make your bridal party entrance extra cool, or learn some great dance moves for the big day, schedule a group dance lesson! This can also be a fun way for your bridal party to get to know each other before the wedding.



Have a lot of weddings or events to attend? Dance lessons will get you ready to impress for all occasions.

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